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Standing up for You: ACTRA Toronto Business Representatives

Something to keep in mind...

What is an ACTRA Toronto Business Representative?

Previously known as Stewards, ACTRA Toronto Business Representatives are ACTRA Toronto’s professional staff that ensure individual productions comply with ACTRA contracts.

Business Representatives prioritize situations involving personal safety, unscripted nudity and/or sexually problematic scenes, or situations involving abuse of child performers – these types of situations will be dealt with on a priority basis because of their serious nature. If you are calling about any of these situations, please insist on speaking with a Business Representative immediately.

Contacting a Business Representative

Call ACTRA Toronto immediately at 416-928-2278/1-877-913-2278 (or after hours at 1-855-201-7823) if you see a performer-related problem on set that involves one or more of the following:

  • Unscheduled stunts or dangerous situations where stunt performers are not being used
  • Unscripted nudity or sexual situations not outlined in the contract
  • Young performers working more than eight hours a day (under 12 years for the IPA; under 13 years and without permission for the NCA)

Most problems on set can be resolved by talking with production personnel. Excluding immediate safety issues, in the event of a disagreement on an issue please do NOT hold up production. Make your point and pass the problem along to your agent. If a Business Representative or On-Set Liaison Officer (OSLO) is on set, let him/her know.

Be Clear about the Facts

When speaking with or e-mailing a Business Representative, relate all relevant information including:

  • your name,
  • your ACTRA number,
  • your agent name,
  • production name,
  • location, date and time of the call, and
  • the nature of the problem.

The Business Representative will not reveal your name to the production as the source of the complaint. Keep a written record of the incident.